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Reveal Trailer

Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 has today announced its partnership with Freiburg, Germany-based independent developer Radiation Blue to publish Genesis Alpha One, a stunning new sci-fi game powered by Unreal Engine 4 and combining a unique mix of roguelike, FPS, base building and survival elements on PC and console.

Genesis Alpha One is the first game from Radiation Blue, an independent developer compromised of talented developers whose combined game credits include Hitman: Blood Money, Hitman: Contracts, Velvet Assassin, Spec Ops: The Line, SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars, SpellForce 3 and The Settlers.

In a near future ravaged by wars; corrupt regimes and global capitalism left unchecked have resulted in natural resource over-exploitation and pollution devastating the planet. Societies are collapsing. Supported by Earth’s remaining governments, four influential corporations initiate the Genesis program.

As the Captain of a Genesis starship, you journey into uncharted space on the ultimate mission. Build and manage a space vessel, farm resources, deal with terrifying alien infestations, clone creatures and explore a vast, randomly generated universe.

Your goal: Find new homes for humanity’s DNA and save the species from extinction.

“We are very excited to work with Team17 on Genesis Alpha One. We highly appreciate Team17's passion for games, their transparent developer friendly procedures and of course their exciting portfolio, that we’re now a part of! When we were kids, we enjoyed playing Team17 games such as Alien Breed and Worms. These creative and artistic experiences helped support our decisions to become video games creators. Today, with this partnership, things have come full circle which is incredibly exciting,” said Sascha Jungnickel, Creative Director of Radiation Blue.

Debbie Bestwick, MBE, Team17’s CEO added, “Radiation Blue are an exciting new studio made up of incredibly talented individuals, each with a great track record in AAA games development. Genesis Alpha One offers gamers a unique blend of genres in a stunning sci-fi setting and we are thrilled to be able to help them on their journey.

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