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[VR][PS4] Jupiter & Mars: in fondo al maaaaar
« il: 09 Dic 2017, 11:44 »
Jupiter & Mars sono due delfini che esploreranno le profondità marine, tra creature degli abissi e tracce di un'antica civiltà (gli umani?) inondata dalle acque.
Come esperienza VR, potrebbe rivelarsi affascinante  :yes:

PSX 2017 Reveal Trailer

First glimpse at Jupiter & Mars, an underwater adventure game developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Play as Jupiter, a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers, and her partner Mars, to solve puzzles, encounter magnificent creatures known as the Elders, and travel around the world to disable the remnants of manmade machinery disrupting marine live everywhere. Watch the world return to life as you free sea creatures, unlock special power-ups, and return coral reefs to life. Featuring an amazing, futuristic underwater world set to an evocative, electronic soundtrack, Jupiter & Mars is unlike any adventure game you have ever seen or heard.

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